Campaign against child abuse
Campaign against child abuse Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police have urged children to report any sort of domestic abuse, including breach of privacy, via online videogames while staying at home, amid spread of COVID-19.

A Dubai Police official said the campaign to protect children, titled ‘My Home..My Safety’ will raise awareness among children and encourage them to report any abuse to Dubai Police by calling 901.

“The campaign is part of the police’s strategy to protect children from any form of exploitation. Cases will be dealt with by the Women and Children Protection Section at the Human Rights department,” the official said.

On their social media channels. Dubai Police posted a picture of a child wearing the Dubai Police uniform to send out a strong message.

“Dear friends, if someone hurts or abuses you, please call us at 901 or send email to,” a tweet said.

Dubai Police said children should be safe inside their houses as well.

“During these times, children are abused not only by relatives, but also online through videogames which many play while they stay at home,” the official added.

Police urged parents to forge bonds with their children while staying home by participating in constructive activities with them.

Whom to call

Children call report any sort of abuse by calling non-emergency hotline 901 or send an email to