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Partha Sarathi Dutta Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A long-time UAE resident, who has been stuck in Kish Island for over seven weeks now, is asking authorities for a special consideration to facilitate his safe return to the country due to his medical condition.

Speaking to Gulf News over the phone from Kish Island, Partha Sarathi Dutta, 57, said he went for a two-day work visit to Kish Island, a 91.5-square-kilometre resort island off the southern coast of Iran, on February 24.

“I was due to return on February 26 but all flights from Iran were stopped from February 25 (due to the coronavirus outbreak) and I have been stuck here since then,” said Dutta, a UAE resident for nearly 23 years, who works as an engineer for a Dubai-based company working on a new contract in Kish.

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Partha Sarathi Dutta with his wife Dipanwita Image Credit: Supplied

“I’ve been trying to get out of here. I feel weak, helpless and more than the physical stress is the mental anxiety,” said Dutta, who was supposed to undergo a repeat colonoscopy for an intestinal problem and an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for his prostate a month ago.

Dutta explained the medical tests are urgent to know the extent of his problem and get proper treatment.

“My doctor has also informed me that I belong to the vulnerable group and I need to return safely to Dubai as quickly as possible,” added Dutta, who told Gulf News there are around 50 UAE residents like him stuck in Kish.

Dutta said he is getting full support from his office in Dubai and their client in Kish. “Without this support, I would not have been able to go through this difficult time,” said Dutta, who is currently living in an apartment after the shutdown of all hotels in Kish.

Dutta said he is also concerned for his 54-year old wife, Dipanwita, who just underwent a cancer surgery and radiation therapy.

“My wife has aa serious hypertension problem requiring regular doctor visits and she is struggling alone in Dubai without any support. Also, my daughter, who is doing her doctoral studies, is stuck in the UK,” Dutta shared.

Dipanwita also reached out to Gulf News. She said: “The only hope is an emergency evacuation flight, which can bring back my husband and the other stranded residents from Kish.”

“Considering our medical emergencies plus the situation in Iran, we request the authorities to arrange at least one return flight from Kish to Dubai,” she added.