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Expo City Pavilion at Green Zone is one of the must visits places at COP28 in Dubai Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: As the weekend nears and with just few days left for COP28 to end, make sure you don’t miss a visit to these 10 places and exhibits at the Green Zone at Expo City Dubai.

Gulf News puts together a list, take a look.

Greening Education Hub

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has launched the Greening Education Hub with the theme ‘Legacy from the Land of Zayed’. As the name suggests, the hub is an ode to the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the nation’s past leaders who set the tone for a sustainable living in the emirates way back.

The Ministry has already started to implement several initiatives of The Hub like the Educators’ Voice and Net Zero Heros. The Hub is hosting 250 workshops, 127 international sessions and 151 national sessions. A key take away from all this is that The Legacy from the Land of Zayed will be taken to future COP.

Expo City Pavilion

An Expo City Pavilion has been built to show delegates the sustainable story behind the COP28 venue. “The objective of putting the pavilion together is to tell the story of the sustainable elements we have built over the last decade,” said Nadia Verjee, Executive Director, Expo Group Authority.

She said: “The components used are 100 per cent recycled materials. The pavilion answers questions like how Terra was built, how we create experiences.”

The pavilion basically is a guide of all elements they can see at COP 28. People will hear about Expo City Dubai’s flagship events in 2024. Visitors have the opportunity to plant a pledge. A tree will be planted in their name at the Expo City Dubai.

Youth Hub

The Youth Hub is a place where as the name suggests — the youth can gather and organise events. It is a hub to exchange ideas, find opportunities, and engage in climate change discussions. It is a space for young people and visitors to embark on an empowering journey and collectively imagine a more sustainable future. It is curated and operated by the Federal Youth Authority under the Ministry of Culture and Youth and supported by the COP28 Youth Climate Champion.

Technology & Innovation Hub

The Technology and Innovation Hub is a place where cutting-edge technologies and progressive thinking takes place. The Hub has many innovative solutions aimed at tackling climate change and keeping 1.5°C within reach. Governments businesses, and people head to this place to collaborate and leverage climate technologies and address the most pressing issues.

eVTOL) helicopter by FlyNow Aviation

Just outside the Technology and Innovation Hub a fancy exhibit is stationed. It is an autonomous electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) helicopter by FlyNow Aviation — GmbH — an Austrian company. The company is in the process of making eVTOL helicopters with translational lift, efficiency and one capable flying a long range.

FlyNow Aviation Austria

VLEKTRA motorcycle is the first ever Pakistani manufactured bike that is fully electric is being showcased at COP28. The yet another exciting stand-a-lone exhibit in front of the Technology and Innovation Hub is as sporty as it can get. Aasma Zaheer

International Business Head said the vintage bike made in 1969 is fully automatic. Owners of this sustainable machinery produce 30,000 of these bikes annually and it is here at COP28. It takes two and a half hours to power the bike and it can run 100 kms on full charge. Don’t miss seeing it!

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DP World electric terminal tractor truck

You cannot miss a giant DP World Truck parked in front of the Technology and Innovation Hub. It is a terminal tractor truck that DP World uses internally within the ports to transfer containers. This truck was previously powered by diesel but is now retrofitted into an electric model. It comes with four battery packs and fully charged truck can run for eight to 10 hours.

According to Budoor Matar — Engineering Supervisor at DP World, plans are to retrofit 40 per cent of such trucks in-house into electric models.

Indigenous People Ceremonial Circle

Have you met the Indigenous peoples who have flown down to Dubai for COP28? Dedicated spaces have been set up to ensure that the voices of women, Indigenous Peoples and people of determination are heard loud and clear during COP28 UAE.

Giant chair

A giant chair made from a 150-year-old tree sits next to UAE pavilion. Called Expo City’s ‘throne of peace’ the chair has been made from a tree weighing 2.2 tonnes. It is said to have taken 15,000 hours of recycling for it to take shape. The intricate craftsmanship on it is turning eyeballs. You would not want to miss this one.

Terra — The Sustainability Pavilion

At COP28 one cannot miss a visit to Terra — The Sustainability Pavilion. From a design point of view — it cannot go wrong. Made of LEED Platinum Certified and is purpose-built dto be Net Zero in Energy and Water. The building’s includes a 120-metre-wide canopy and 18 Energy Trees which help generate 4GWh of alternative energy per year. If you think its all about the design, there is more. Inside, there is an immersive journey through the forest’s roots and the ocean’s depths to explore the impact humanity’s choices are having on the environment and gain skills to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come. The engaging, playful and reflective experience is designed to take visitors of all ages — particularly children — on an emotional journey to understand their impact on the environment and empower them to build a brighter future.