Dr Imneet, seen with her son and daughter and Sev-a-life co-founders, Yuvraj and Shirene Sanjay

From the rich inheritance of Sanskrit language comes two terms that Indians can easily relate to: Janmabhoomi (place of birth) and karmabhoomi (place of deeds).

This feature is perhaps relatable to all Indian expats in Dubai who chose the UAE as their karmabhoomi. As expats, our initial plans are usually of returning back to India in a short span of time. Of course, the ungovernable factuality of life invalidates our plans. For me, having spent almost two decades here, the UAE has become an integral and elemental component of my life.

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As the spirit of the country grows on us, we realise that the moral code of conduct finds a common place and an abode between the diversity of Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. Each one of us today is giving our best to fulfil our dreams here, as this is now our calling and the land of karma.

Diversity is indeed the ethos of India, that amalgamates huge multitude of cultures in universal harmony and balance. Following the same, life brought forward opportunities where profession, art, community service and media became the integral components for me as well.

As a laser specialist paediatric dentist, I have been blessed to be the pioneer of painless dentistry for children in the UAE. The unique concept of no-needle, laser-assisted dental procedures together with a specialised fear management techniques of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy are the core of my practice, giving it a pedestal in less common blue oceans.

The proposition of Sev-a-life has been the brain child of my son, Yuvraj Sanjay, who solely or collaboratively organises lunches at labour camps each month.

As a family we have been going to the camps since 2017, and the collaborations have been ever increasing, which helps us to reach out to more and more beneficiaries each month. Sev-a-life has been the binding force between us, the community and various leading establishments in Dubai who staunchly believe in the notion of corporate social responsibility.

Music has forever been the coalescing platform since time immemorial. Divinity and serenity are the foundations of my daughter’s establishment, Shirene Sanjay’s YouTube channel, launched in 2017. Today, the channel stands proud with 91 professional videos, and close to ten million views. With ardent passion, sincerity and resolute effort, her music continues to be well-commended beyond borders.

As I connect the dots, I realise that among the detours of life, the essence of being Indian never leaves us and we stay repatriated in expat lands. This assuredly gifts each one of us a sense of independence today as we celebrate India’s 77th year of freedom here in the UAE, which is graciously our home away from home and the land of karma. Jai Hind!

— The writer is a laser specialist paediatric dentist, NLP Life Coach, hypnotherapist. lyricist, Shirene Sanjay Music Channel and Co-Founder, Sev-a-Life

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