The bus in which the boy was found Image Credit: Supplied

AJMAN: A four-year-old boy has died after being left on a bus for several hours during the summer heat in Ajman.

The Arab boy was allegedly forgotten inside the bus belonging to a centre for children for nearly four hours on Monday.

Brigadier Abdullah Saif Al Matroushi, Director of Policing Operations at Ajman Police, said the boy, who was in a bad shape, was taken to hospital. He died later.

“The centre’s supervisor failed to check the bus after dropping the children to the centre. The boy was sleeping inside the bus until the supervisor noticed his bag during lunch break,” said Al Matroushi in a statement.

“They found him in the bus struggling for breath and took him to Amina Hospital in Ajman.”

The boy died due to suffocation inside the bus and high temperature.

Investigations revealed that the centre was carrying out an activity that was different from what it was earlier licensed for.

“Ajman Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of the centre’s manager, bus supervisor and the driver,” said Al Matroushi.

He stressed the importance of monitoring children at all the times.