For illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Public Prosecution has warned residents about the dangers of firearms, explaining how the weapons can result in fatal tragedies if managed irresponsibly.

The authority shared a lesson on its social media platforms about the death of a nine-year-old child, Mohammed, from a gunshot wound. While it was not clear whether the story was based on real events, it serves a clear warning about careless firearms use.

According to the Public Prosecution, a man named Ahmed bought a firearm after legally obtaining a hunting firearm license. He also purchased hunting gear for himself and his son, and the duo then dressed up in the gear and took pictures carrying the firearm.

Ahmed then started playing with the gun in view of his son. The gun was not loaded at the time.

Over the weekend, Ahmed went on a camping trip with his family and his brother’s family. Once again, Ahmed took pictures of his son and nephew carrying his gun.

While he was doing this, his phone rang. Distracted, Ahmed attended to the call. This is when there were sounds of sudden gunshots.

“[Everyone] ran back to the car and found Mohammed covered in blood and his cousin carrying the gun and crying. The child was shot in the chest. [He] was rushed to hospital, but died while being transferred,” the story read.

The Public Prosecution used the incident to highlight the dangers of improper firearm use.

“[A] weapon is a heavy responsibility, especially when children are involved. The accident would not have happened if Ahmed had not behaved so and allowed children to tamper with the gun,” the post ended.