The Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (ADIAS), established in 1992 to survey, record and excavate archaeological sites on the coast and islands of the emirate, has launched its own website.

ADIAS Executive Director Peter Hellyer said the site,, was set up in collaboration with the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (ERWDA) to help spread information about the work of the survey.

"In particular, we hope the site will be visited by people from outside the UAE in search of information on the country's national heritage," Hellyer said. The site was designed by Dr. Mark Beech, ADIAS Environmental Archaeology and IT Director, who is based in York, England.

"The site will be regularly upgraded with news not only on the discoveries in the field but also on the results of scientific analyses such as radio-carbon dating," Hellyer said.

"The website includes a list of ADIAS publications and reports and is, of course, linked to related sites such as the ERWDA and the UAE Interact of the Ministry of Information and Culture."

The site also includes news reports on regional archaeological and environmental works and studies. Other features include an introduction to the organisation, a virtual museum with details on discovered sites and artifact pictures, ADIAS publications and forthcoming publications.