Air India
An Air India flight from Dubai to Chennai was scheduled due on Saturday o due to “crew duty time limitation. Image Credit: Twitter/@airindiain

Dubai: An Air India flight from Dubai to Chennai, India, originally scheduled for around 6am on Saturday, was delayed for almost 18 hours and ‘rescheduled’ to 11.45pm the same day.

An Air India official told Gulf News the one-off rescheduling on Saturday of flight AI906 was due to “crew duty time limitation”. The official added passengers were offered hotel stay. Those who chose to return to their Dubai residence to wait for departure were offered taxi fare reimbursement, the official said.


A passenger said travellers were offered refreshments when the flight was first “delayed”. She added: “We were verbally told there was an issue with the crew. We later heard the flight would leave at around 9pm. Then we got an email saying the departure would be at 11.45pm. I came back from the airport to my residence and will be going back again to catch the flight.”