7-week old Pippa was trapped inside a sewer drain for five days. She was rescued on Tuesday night. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: After a harrowing five days trapped inside a sewage pipe in Abu Dhabi, a kitten was rescued on Tuesday night thanks to the joint efforts of Abu Dhabi Police, Civil Defence and the Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi group.

“The police and the entire team spent several hours before we could finally get her out to safety. The compassion shown by the authorities to animals is really impressive,” Susan Aylott, founder of Animal Welfare, told Gulf News.

Seven-week-old Pippa was found stuck inside a sewer opposite to LLH Hospital near the inter-junction between Zayed The First Street and Sultan Bin Zayed The First Street, by one of the Animal Welfare volunteers last week.

“For the last five days, we have been trying to rescue the kitten. But even our trained trappers could not reach her as there were two interconnected pipes and she was moving around,” said Aylott.

“Our volunteers but managed to find a small opening on one end of the drain to leave food and water. Otherwise she would have died in this heat,” said Aylott.

When all efforts to fish the kitten out failed, the welfare group approached the Abu Dhabi Police who then swung into action

Aylott said authorities blocked the traffic on one lane, and removed the cover of a manhole to take the kitten out to safety.

“She was terrified. We immediately took her to the vets for medical help. She is skinny but healthy, and is currently in a foster home,” said Aylott.

The group is trying to find Pippa a home before most families leave for summer holidays.