The traffic accident occurred at 4.45pm on Tuesday. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: An expat was airlifted to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) after he sustained severe injuries in a traffic accident on Sweihan Road on Tuesday, the Abu Dhabi Police said in a statement.

The traffic accident occurred at 4.45pm when the Asian motorist, who was severely exhausted, was travelling in the direction of Al Ain’s Al Taff Road. He collided into a truck, and the incident resulted in injuries for two passengers in the car.

The driver was taken by air ambulance, which allowed the emergency response team to provide immediate medical assistance during the transfer by helicopter to SSMC. Two passengers who had also sustained injuries during the incident were meanwhile taken to SSMC by ambulance.

Be safe on the roads

Following the incident, the Abu Dhabi Police has called upon drivers to stop on the right shoulder off the main road in case they feel tired or drowsy, and to always wear a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. The police also urged drivers to pay attention to the road when driving.