Mariam Al Qubaisi, the summit's official spokesperson sharing details of the upcoming event Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) will host the Crisis and Emergency Management Summit 2023 (CEMS) on May 9 and 10 in Abu Dhabi

The CEMS event will bring together global leaders, academics and scientists who specialise in the field of emergency, crisis and disaster management from around the world. The summit aims to raise the readiness of the emergency and crisis system, unify global efforts in the sector, and emphasis on the future of emergency and crisis management in light of growing threats and risks around the world.

“We are delighted to host industry experts from around the world for the two-day summit that will shed light on increasing the readiness of emergency and crisis management, emphasising UAE’s vital role in strengthening international cooperation in the sector, discussing the future of emergency management in light of increasing threats and risks, and highlighting the areas of integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence to predict risks, disasters and crises to reduce their repercussions. With the participation of senior officials and experts from national, regional and global entities concerned with security and emergency management, our exchange of knowledge and experiences to collectively build an enhanced emergency and crisis management system will benefit us all,” said Mariam Al Qubaisi, CEMS official spokesperson.

Al Qubaisi credited the significant role of the wise leadership of the UAE for strengthening cooperation and partnership relations with countries from around the world in emergency and crisis management, and for promoting the integration of modern technology and techniques that greatly benefit the sector. As seen in UAE’s success in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has proven to be proactive and resilient in its readiness to deal with such crisis, which earned the praise of many international scientific and crisis management bodies.

Al Qubaisi explained that organising the summit comes within the framework of NCEMA’s keenness to enhance its role and capabilities in confronting emergencies, crises, and disasters, thus improving the performance and competency of the emergency response of the UAE, with the aim of safeguarding the security and maintaining stability of the country, protecting its economy, people and the entire nation as a whole.

She added that the summit, which brings together prominent names around the world in the field of emergencies and crises, will discuss the most important challenges facing the field and the global trends that can be adopted, based on the strategic cooperation between the UAE and many countries, international organizations and related bodies, which contributes to formulating forward-looking plans, in addition to applying the highest international standards and practices in the field of emergency and crisis management, and the adaptation of modern technologies.

The summit, which enjoys a wide international participation, stems from a vision of highlighting the importance of continuing to develop the emergency, crisis and disaster management industry to meet potential future challenges, especially in light of the developments the world is experiencing and the proliferation of artificial intelligence systems and multiple digital solutions and platforms.


The main agenda of the summit will include several topics for discussion, the most important of which are the comprehensive and integrated approach to non-traditional management of emergencies and crises, preparedness for unexpected crises, preparing the next generation of leaders to face emergencies and crises, globalization of preparedness and response to emergencies and crises, and community partnership in the success of emergency and crisis management.

The sub-themes during the discussion summit’s sessions include significant topics, such as foreseeing the future of emergencies and crises, the challenges of integration and strategic balance between sectors, employing comprehensive power tools in national risk management, the next generation of risks, the system of building national leaders in emergency and crisis management, cross-border risks, preparing society for emergencies and crises, behavioral changes and their impact on community preparedness, and the culture of volunteering during emergencies and crises.

More than 20 senior officials from national, regional and global bodies concerned with security, emergency and crisis management, as well as prominent experts and specialists from over 10 different nationalities who have practical experiences and academic expertise on crisis and disaster management and have made great efforts in the field of crisis recovery, will take part in the event.

CEMS is a global platform that strengthens partnerships, consolidates international cooperation and facilitates exchanging of knowledge and experiences in the field of emergencies, crises and disasters management. It will discuss the most prominent global challenges and trends in this field, including the mechanisms set in place for predicting future risks, with the aim of enhancing the global response of cross-border crises and emergencies through an international cooperative approach.