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Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court ordered a company to pay a woman Dh120,000 as compensation for backtracking on a job offer they made her.

The woman had filed a lawsuit against the company demanding compensation of Dh187,000. She claimed that she had received a job offer with a salary of Dh37,000 based on which she quit her job. However, the company refused to honour the job offer for six months despite repeated reminders as a result of which she is now unemployed. She submitted copies of certificates, correspondence and other documents to the court in support of her claim.

The company filed a petition requesting that the case be dismissed.

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In its ruling, the court observed that the documents proved that the company offered the plaintiff a job with a starting salary of Dh37,000, which was to be raised to Dh40,000 after a six-month probation period.

The court noted that after the plaintiff accepted the offer, the company asked her to provide evidence of her resignation from her previous job.

“It is also proven that the plaintiff wrote to the defendant to inquire about the date she starts working for them... she also mentioned that she was without a source of income for three months from the date of accepting the offer,” the court said.

In its verdict, the court said that the documents establish the company’s fault in the matter and accordingly it bears responsibility for damages caused to the plaintiff.

It awarded compensation of Dh120,000 to the plaintiff for material and moral damages, including loss of livelihood.