How To Grow Rich Emirates NBD
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As a leading bank in the UAE, Emirates NBD has taken an active role in raising consumer awareness on safe, secure banking. The bank has conducted widely acclaimed security-related significant campaigns, in cooperation with the country’s law enforcement agencies, designed to engage customers in a fun, memorable manner.

The centre piece of Emirates NBD’s #SecureYourAccount campaign was the It Wasn’t Me video reminding customers that the bank would never ask for personal details such as online or mobile banking credentials and password, card PIN or the three-digit CVV number on the back of the card and to remain vigilant about fraudulent emails, links, websites or calls to protect themselves against potential fraud.

The follow-up campaign addressed fraud and online security to educate the public on how to identify and protect themselves against highly deceptive tactics fraudsters employ. At the heart of the campaign was a shareable, social satire comedy film, How To Grow Rich During The Pandemic, showcasing the lavish lifestyle of a fictional fraudster named James Jefferson playing different roles as he impersonates legitimate organisations via various means in order to steal sensitive information, with the serious message “Don’t Make the Fraudster’s Job Easy.” The film was accompanied by a stealth social media campaign following the outrageous life of James Jefferson via his Instagram handle @jjj_jefferson who was finally revealed as a fraudster. Emirates NBD also conducts regular SMS and email campaigns as well as posts messages across its social media platforms to sensitise customers to potential phishing and vishing attempts by fraudsters and remind them to never share their personal details with anyone.

The bank is currently running a live Spot the Fraudster, moderated by popular radio host, Kris Fade, every Tuesday at 8pm across its social media channels, designed to engage and educate on the different persona adopted by fraudsters.

The UAE authorities and Emirates NBD urge members of the public to report suspicious links or emails related to their bank accounts to their respective bank’s call centre and Dubai Police. Emirates NBD customers can contact the bank’s call centre on 600 540 000 and Dubai Police through their website: