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Representatives from Dubai Police and Danube Welfare Centre interacting with the inmates Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments in Dubai, in cooperation with the Danube Welfare Centre, recently celebrated the graduation of six batches of inmates (men and women) from the foundation after advanced courses in English and computer science.

The graduation ceremony marked the completion of English and computer science courses and training sessions for 98 inmates.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi, director of the Women’s Prison; Rizwan Sajan, founder and chairman of Danube Group; Major Mohammad Abdullah Al Obaidly, acting director of Inmates Education and Training Department; Shabnam Qasim, director of Danube Welfare Centre, and a number of officers and individuals from both sides.

Annual programmes

Col Al Zaabi said under the directives of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and with the follow-up of Major General Ali Al Shamali, director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, and Brigadier Marwan Abdul Karim Julfar, deputy director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, the department annually sets up training programmes in cooperation with internal and external partners. 

These programmes aim to qualify and train male and female inmates in various fields, including science, languages and crafts, and to assist them in finding jobs once they serve their terms and start afresh.

Various courses

Maj Al Obaidly explained that the programmes and courses play a significant role in the rehabilitation plan of male and female inmates at the Punitive and Correctional Institutions. He added that the occupational programmes and courses for male inmates include carpentry, blacksmithing, manufacture of fishing tools, mechanics, and painting. While, women inmates attend classes in sewing, embroidery, drawing, and handicrafts. In addition, male and female inmates join religious and sports programmes held annually in cooperation with partners to achieve the most significant benefit for inmates.

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Shabnam Qassem expressed her pleasure with the cooperation with Dubai Police, especially as it enhances the social responsibility of governmental and private entities in serving this segment to integrate into societies again. She said: “The cooperation with the Dubai Police resulted in educating and training four batches of male inmates in computer science and English language skills, both basic and advanced, along with two batches of female inmates who joined the English language programme.”

The Danube Welfare Centre is a non-profit social organisation licensed by the UAE’s Community Development Authority, offering free training courses since 2012 to help unskilled workers improve their language skills and further develop their careers.