Bambi Kappauf
French fashion icon Bambi Kappauf says Dubai spirit and care helped him beat coronavirus. Kappauf was treatment at Rashid Hospital in Dubai after he was tested COVID-19 positive recently. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: French fashion icon Bambi Kappauf has thanked Dubai for the close care and treatment he received that helped him recovery from COVID-19 recently.

Kappauf, founder and CEO of Citizen K, an international fashion, culture and luxury magazine, said he wasn’t frightened during his illness because he knew Dubai health professionals would — and they did — take good care of him. “I was never scared, even though I couldn’t breathe and I was on oxygen in intensive care, with pneumonia. Frankly, it’s because I knew I was in good hands. The treatment protocol at Rashid Hospital is fantastic, it is so efficient. I felt well taken care of,” said Kappauf, 60.

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‘They are warriors’

He added that though the general state of mind across Europe is so low because of the pandemic, the spirit of Dubai helped him keep his morale high during the ordeal. “The smile on the faces here, you can feel that everyone’s happy to be here. These people [health professionals] are saving lives. The staff are so devoted. They have all the gear, but they know they can still catch the dangerous virus, but they still have that go-for-it attitude. They are warriors, but they are malleable and nice at the same time.”

Bambi Kappauf
Dubai based French fashion icon Bombi Kappauf before he contracted COVID-19. He says he wasn’t frightened during his illness because he knew Dubai health professionals would — and they did — take good care of him. Image Credit: Supplied

Creeping illness

Kappauf, who is of Syrian-German descent, had started feeling unwell in mid-December 2020. At first, he thought it may be an ear sore that he sometimes gets during the course of the year. But as the illness continued and his symptoms worsened, he decided to have himself tested for COVID-19. “I had been lying in bed for two weeks and was not eating anymore. I knew it’s not an ear infection; that doesn’t go so far. I had all the pre-symptoms for COVID,” Kappauf said.

Day one

Kappauf was right. He had COVID-19. After testing the same day, January 1, Kappauf was admitted to Rashid Hospital, where he stayed for a week in intensive care. He was in a ward with five COVID-19 patients. “Some of them were really in a bad state. I still think a lot about the people that shared my room. I still have the faith in my mind and I still think of them and pray they got over it.”

Kappauf recovered rapidly and was discharged. “When I came back home [in City Walk], I was working again, but from home. I am still working from home. I avoid parties and all the rest. Thank God, I have a big apartment,” he said.

‘Dubai has good energy’

Kappauf, who, besides his role at Citizen K, is also CEO, editorial manager and creative director for other magazines of his and an advertising company in his group. “Here in Dubai, in the UAE, there is good energy, a mix of cultures — it’s a very young country. It has lots of enthusiasm to go forward and this energy helps you a lot. And even though I’m 60 years old, here I feel half my age. I have many project because this country gives me energy for that.”