Kim Shannon trains at Real Boxing Only in Dubai
Kim Shannon trains at Real Boxing Only in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Having started Real Boxing Only gym in 2018, Michelle Kuehn has invested a lot of her efforts into making the sport of boxing more accessible to females — especially in the Middle East. She boasts a 45 per cent female clientele, with 50 per cent of her coaches being female. She has ladies only classes four times a week and they are fully booked. Her ambition is simply because she believes boxing is for everyone, no matter gender or age and the main reason behind her recent move — getting her boxing manager’s license.

Kim ‘Showtime’ Shannon, started training at Real Boxing Only gym over a year-and-a-half ago, and as a very talented former Team GB boxer — she has been imparting her knowledge to hundreds of members for some time when she start coaching some of the classes. Hailing from Birmingham, amateur boxing star Shannon has 26 ABA boxing competitions under her belt, she represented England in numerous international tournaments. In the UAE she has been working to give the gift of sports to other kids, as a Physical Education and Sports Science Academy Lead Trainer.

“I was excited to have her join us in a more active way when she started coaching some of our classes, and when she spoke to me about going into the pro game — and if I would manage her — I practically fell out of my chair,” said Kuehn, Shannon’s new boxing manager. “No hesitation whatsoever. So many things about this seems like a right fit, I never got to box for a career, but I would have if I had the chance, and helping boxers reach their dreams has always been a passion of mine but things never went how I thought they would — so this seems to be the perfect time and opportunity — the stars have aligned. I see this as a very exciting moment in Kim’s career and I am honoured to be part of her journey into professional boxing — the sky is limit.

“I already know her talent, and she was a Team GB boxer so her work ethic is not even questionable. She’s ready to take her weight division by storm and I am going to make it happen for her — together I see us being an unstoppable force. I hope Eddie Hearn is ready for us, as we are coming for Shannon Courtney and anyone who has those belts at bantam and flyweight.”

Kim Shannon
Kim Shannon Image Credit: Supplied

Kim added: “It was a decision I did not take lightly, I know that I have taken time off of boxing and that I am not as young as I used to be — but I am on weight, I am training hard and am fitter than ever. The pro game is really exciting for me, I get to do what I love and on my terms — build the team I want and make the moves that are good for me — the next few years are going to be what I have been waiting for.”

Kuehn will be looking to get Shannon on as many as possible of the exciting fight cards taking place in the UAE before the end of the year.