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COVID-19: The British economy falls into recession

The all probable immediate positive impacts of Brexit have been nullified with the unexpected strike of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom (“UK economy officially in recession after 20.4 per cent Q2 slump”, Gulf News, August 12). The efforts of Boris Johnson to keep the economy afloat, subsequent to Brexit by delaying the coronavirus lockdown, already proved counterproductive. The delayed lockdown facilitated the coronavirus to spread faster, besides forcing a longer lockdown at a later stage. Thousands of people lost their lives, and millions lost their jobs within months. Even if factories can restart operations, still there will be demand deficiency in the near future. The potential collaboration of the United Kingdom, and the European Union post Brexit is enormous. Life won't be normal until and unless we reach a stage where international air traffic reaches a pre-COVID-19 stage. But who knows, when it would be.

From Mr Girish R Edathitta

Kerala, India

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India needs second freedom within the country

Holding on to India's founding values is the right thing to do (“Indians must uphold the spirit of Constitution”, Gulf News, January 26). But at the same time, we need to scrutinise whether these values helped the majority in India, in the last 73 years, since India's Independence. After all, the constitution in a democracy is made by people, and for the people. I would like to add more clearly that rules are made for the good of people. Sometimes the values of 1947 may differ in the current context. I like to share my life in Dubai as an example, living here in the last 32 years, always as an expatriate in this country. I live comfortably, with the availability of good air, water, ease of mobility and peace of mind, great governance and tolerance in this country. India keeps talking about its rights. When will they start living? In the name of founding values and secularism, previous governments ruled India for the last 73 years, but never fixed the issued which were eating up our resources, and we acquired from our 1947 division of India, such as special rights for Kashmir and Ayodhya. All our energy is spent on unproductive things and political gains. All parties use such disputes for their benefits and vote banks. When you end disputes, there will be compromises with stakeholders, which are only temporary. Citizens like me want peace, while political parties will never show the good values of actions. Instead, they trigger our mind about minor violations of rights. UAE has taught me that a peaceful life is. What India needs is brave leadership, unconventional thinking with a strong belief for public well-being. We need a better interpretation of constitutional rights with a definite focus to solve issues (than aggravate issues) and make India a peaceful place to live for the future generation. India needs second freedom, from the clutches of political mismanagement.

From Mr Thomas NG


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Zimbabawe to revive tourism amid COVID-19

It is insane that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was trying to promote the growth of Zimbabwe tourism when he opened Victoria Falls five star hotel on August 6, 2020 (“How nations profit from Zimbabwe’s blood gold”, Gulf News, May 26). No sane tourist will visit Zimbabwe where there are escalating human rights abuses, unavailability of cash and foreign currency, lawlessness and deep corrupt government. Zimbabwe is not a safe country now. The roads are full of potholes, and there is no electricity, no reliable internet facilities, and the police are too corrupt. Transport logistics is limited, extreme poverty is visible everywhere, and political tension is high. How on earth can tourism grow in such a country that completely put off every potential tourist? President Emmerson Mnangagwa failed to improve infrastructure to attract tourist. The problem to tourism growth is now the state of the country, particularly gross corruption, arbitrary arrest of activists and opposition members and gross human rights abuses. President Mnangagwa has lost international credibility, and he continues to ruin the country.

From Mr Kudzai Chikowore


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