UAE to Mars: Historic Hope Probe takes off
UAE to Mars: Historic Hope Probe takes off Image Credit: Screengrab

COVID-19: A reader thanks to all the healthcare workers in the UAE

My son, who studies in grade one, Siddharth Nidhin Ravindran, decided to celebrate his sixth birthday differently from his previous ones ( “Coronavirus: Sheikh Hamdan shares letter for COVID-19 frontline workers in the UAE”, Gulf News, June 10). This time, he spent it by filling up goodie bags and making thank you cards for delivery workers who visited our house as we were staying home. I thought of the idea after the National Sterilisation Programme began in the UAE, and he was quickly onboard.

We were able to stay safe at home because of the delivery people in the UAE, and we had to give them back somehow. I thought it would be a good exercise for children to learn how to give.

So when it was Siddharth’s sixth birthday on May 22, instead of distributing goodie bags at his birthday party, we made some specially designed for deliverymen.

Each bag had a sports drink, sunscreen cream, energy bars, hand sanitisers with holders and antibacterial soap.

Most of the delivery workers were very surprised to receive the gift bags at first and got happy once we thanked them.

As part of the UAE government’s efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus, we were also visited by healthcare workers at our apartment for a coronavirus test.

We had workers come to our doorstep to test us, and we also decided to thank them.

Siddharth gives the workers wristbands that had messages urging people to stay indoors and thanked them for their duty.

Currently, we are continuing to take precautions to stay safe, and Siddharth has become an inspiration to his fellow students at school. I wanted to share our initiative with Gulf News to inspire others.

From Ms Surya Sam Abraham

Abu Dhabi

Hope Probe Mission to Mars - pioneering effort by the UAE

Congratulations to the UAE for creating history by launching the Hope Probe Mission to Mars from Japan at 1:58am UAE time (“UAE leaders laud successful Hope Probe Mars mission launch, Gulf News, July 20). I'm sure that years of hard work and dedication paid off. Hope Probe will orbit Mars for seven months and conduct a detailed examination and study of the Martian atmosphere.

It is a golden feather in the country's cap as it is the Arab world's first mission to Mars. The successful launching of the Al Amal/ Hope probe is a scintillating feat that the country has achieved. It is also a testimony of the country's pragmatic and visionary leadership, which continually works for the country to develop technology and science capabilities to the fullest.

The Hope Probe truly represents hope and optimism to humankind, and an impressive achievement for every Arab. It is a momentous occasion to celebrate for everyone.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Pune, India

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