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‘I cannot concentrate on anything after I lost my job’

'Job termination is a slap on your face and it takes time to recover from the blow'

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A reader asks: I am depressed after I was unfairly dismissed from the job. I  worked almost a year for the company. I stopped working for them when I realized I was being exploited and my rights as a worker are not being taken care off.

I loved my job, but people didn't support me and lot of office politics took place. I was the victim of it all.  My boss always took the credit of my work and never gave me any credit.

I faced so much of criticism at home and outside.  Job termination is a slap on your face and it takes time to recover from the blow.  I lost around two years chasing the company to get me hired again, but there was no response.

I am so depressed. Why did this company do this to me? Please help me top get out of this situation.

Linda Sakr (licensed Counselling Psychologist, Dubai Community Health Centre) replies:  It sounds like the negative situation at work has left you feeling resentful and bitter.

From what you described, you were hard working and gave them your best, however instead of showing appreciation from their side, they manipulated you further.

As a result of this ordeal, I would like you to reflect upon what you have learnt from this experience. This will help you move forward to your prospective job in a more positive and hopeful manner. Otherwise, you will just carry your anger as excess baggage onto your next job.

It's important to set an intention of peace and harmony over pain and misery. Sometimes in life we win some and sometimes we lose some. The only healthy way forward is to let your feelings go and move on. Otherwise, you remain stuck in the past.

You seem to be an excessive giver by nature and remind yourself that the words 'it's not fair' come from that place. Allow yourself to receive more as this may not come as naturally to you.

I understand that culturally it must be difficult to deal with relatives in relation to this sensitive matter and it is indeed a blow. All you can do is reassure them and yourself that you did your best and you are in the process of finding a more suitable opportunity.

This whole thing may just be a big blessing in disguise and better things await you. Change what you can (your thoughts, feelings, attitude, behaviour and actions) and accept what you can't (other people and their actions).

I wish you all the best.

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