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Dude, where’s your car? Google’s new app can help

The app will also remind users how many minutes are left on the parking metre

Image Credit:Ahmad Ramzan/Gulf News
Cars entering a mall parking in Dubai.

Dubai: Soon, there will be no need to worry anymore about which level you parked your car at the mall.

The popular tech blog Android Police reported that the latest version of Google Maps (v9.49 beta) have installed a tool for Android users that can help users remember where they parked.

All you will have to do is tap on the blue dot that indicates your current location. A pop-up menu will then appear, allowing you to save your parking location and place it on the map.

The pop-up page also offers the choice to add notes such as the row your car is parked in or the level it's on.

Alternatively, you can also take pictures of the signage that tells you where your car is located.

Another helpful feature that was also added to the updated version of Google Map includes being able to set a time limit. That way, you can rest assured that you won’t exceed your time limit if you left the car at a parking metre.

When you want to get back to your parking spot, all you have to do is look up your saved location in your notifications or at the top of the suggestions on the search screen in Google Maps.

Although the new feature will be available only for Android users and not for iOS, Apple Maps on iOS 10 has a similar feature if you have a Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and iPhone.