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31 tonnes of waste collected in Hatta cleanup drive

Dubai Municipality cleans up dams and valleys in preparation for rainy season

Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Municipality
Dubai Municipality campaign to clean Hatta dams and valleys
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Dubai: Nearly 31 tonnes of waste, trees and stones that obstruct the flow of water in the valleys and streams have been collected during a recent cleanup drive by Dubai Municipality in Hatta dams and valleys, the civic body said on Monday.

The Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality carried out the specialised campaign to clean the dams and valleys in Hatta in cooperation with a number of organisations and with the participation of volunteers from the private sector and residents of the area.

“Trucks equipped with cranes and boats were used to collect waste from water with the participation of 32 volunteers from Hatta,” Abdul Majid Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality said in a press release.

He said the campaign was held for three days to clean the dams, streams and valleys in preparation for the rainy season. With participation of Masfout Municipality and private sector companies, Hatta dam, the bicycle road, the Masfout valley and the mountain walkway were cleaned up.

Al Saifaiet stressed the need for visitors, nature lovers and tour operators to adhere to the basic rules for maintaining the cleanliness of the Hatta tourist area, as it is full of activities and sites that attract tourists and visitors during the winter season.

“We urge the visitors to put the waste in the designated places provided by Dubai Municipality.