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Mechanic, computer operator jailed for selling faulty car

Defendants convicted of bribery, forgery and tricking woman to sell her a car which was not roadworthy

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Dubai: A mechanic at a driving institute and two other men have been jailed for three months each for tricking a woman by selling her a faulty car for Dh31,500 using forged papers.

The 27-year-old Sri Lankan woman agreed to buy a car from a Pakistani man in Sharjah, who told her that the car was in good condition.

The man allowed the woman to test-drive the car for a brief period and gave her the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) papers which certified that the vehicle was in good condition and safe to drive, said the records.

The woman bought the car for Dh31,500 but when she drove the vehicle with her mother towards Dubai, the engine started giving strange noises and black smoke emitted from it. When the Sri Lankan woman could not drive the car any further, she called the man and told him about the situation.

The Pakistani man accused her of having caused that glitch in the engine.

The woman arranged to tow the car to her place and lodged a complaint with the RTA. Following several inspections by RTA officials, it was discovered that the car had failed the fitness tests on five occasions. It was also discovered that the woman had been given a forged certificate by the man.

The woman then lodged a complaint with the police, who after primary interrogations arrested a 56-year-old Filipino mechanic and a 36-year-old Pakistani computer operator. The Pakistani man [who sold the car to the woman] remains at large.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the three defendants of taking bribes and forging official papers and RTA electronic transactions.

The trio were also fined Dh10,000 each. They will be deported following the completion of their punishments.

The absconder was sentenced in absentia and is entitled to a retrial.

Meanwhile, the Filipino mechanic and the Pakistani computer operator have appealed their primary judgements at the Appeal Court.

According to the primary judgement sheet, the Filipino defendant took Dh30 in bribe from the Pakistani defendant to issue the forged vehicle fitness certificate. He also abused his position at the institute [where the car was examined], and forged RTA papers and electronic transactions.

The Pakistani duo were convicted of abetment of a crime and swindling the woman, and handing her forged papers.

A hearing will be held before the appellate court next month.