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Israel shells Gaza amid fragile ceasefire

Israel sporadically fires into Gaza under the pretence of “self-defence”

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Occupied Jerusalem: An Israeli tank has shelled a post of the Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza claiming that it was in response to an attempt to fire a rocket into Israel, its army said.

Israel sporadically fires into Gaza under the pretence of “self-defence” — a claim Palestinians strongly deny.

Israeli authorities said the rocket, initially believed to have hit southern Israel late Sunday, fell inside the Gaza Strip, it said in a statement.

Israel launched three brutal assaults on Gaza since 2008.

A fragile ceasefire has been observed along the largely closed border since the most recent conflict in 2014.

Missiles and rockets are periodically fired into Israel, generally by hardline Salafist Islamist groups opposed to Hamas.

But Israel holds Hamas responsible for all rocket fire from Gaza, regardless of who carried it out.

On Saturday, Hamas police arrested a suspected Salafist leader in Gaza, Nour Eisa, 27.

In August, a suicide bomber allegedly linked to Daesh killed a Hamas guard in southern Gaza along the border with Egypt, in a rare attack against the Islamists.