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Qataris second worst London parking offenders

Worst offending foreign drivers are the French who owe a collective £356,000 in outstanding fees

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London: Drivers with Qatar licence plates are the second worst offenders worldwide when it comes to unpaid parking fines racked up in central London.

London’s Westminster City Council has released a list of the top 10 countries whose nationals owe the largest amounts.

The worst offending foreign drivers are apparently from France. They owe a collective £356,000 in outstanding fees.

Qatar came second on the list, with a whopping £191,105 still owed to the central London district, home of Buckingham Palace and myriad other landmarks, reports have indicated.

Last year, Qatar came third in the rankings after France and Germany, with total fines of £114,605.

Westminster City Council has asked the British government for help in establishing a system of international cooperation to allow local authorities to trace foreign motorists after it failed to contact vehicle owners abroad to collect the fees.

The Council is thinking of a process to obtain a judgement in the UK against foreign persistent evaders.