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Qatar backs terrorism under pretext of non-existent democracy

Rights group seeks to end Iran’s interference in region

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GENEVA: The Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) has denounced Doha’s support to terrorism and saboteurs, using democracy that does not exist in Qatar as a justification for the support.

The allegation came up during a symposium organised by AFHR to press the international community to work towards ending Iran’s interference in the region and to pressure the Qatari government to stop its suppression of the opposition. It also demanded that more consideration be shown to human rights issues in Qatar.

“The deterioration in freedom, stripping of citizenship and forced deportation exercised by the Qatar government, as well as Doha’s support to extremism and terrorism, destabilisation and the use of funds and media as means of support to terrorist groups, are all done in the name of democracy. Ironically, there is no democracy in Qatar,” said Sarhan Saadi, AFHR’s General Coordinator.

“Human rights organisations are increasingly alarmed at Qatar’s role in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. It has been proved that this terrorist group received finance, arms and ideological support from individuals and group that are closely linked to Qatar,” he added.