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French, Italian, Chinese boats in regional launch

Water exhibition recognises long seafaring traditions in Arabian Gulf

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Manama: The Iguana 29, the French amphibious boat, will be launched for Bahrain and Saudi audiences at the Bahrain Boat Show International (BBSI), organisers have said.

The French Iguana 29 is described as “particularly suited for regional clients whose geographic surroundings necessitate combined land and sea travel”. The combined land and water exhibition on March 28-30 will also be launching the Wider 42, an Italian production and the first boat that can be transformed from a narrow speed boat into a spacious leisure craft.

“While the BBSI was introduced in recognition of the long seafaring tradition and shared values of this great nation, its success has been extraordinary,” Wael Juju, the CEO of Knotika Boat Shows, the organising company behind the BBSI, said. “The success is marked by growth year on year and mirrored by the significant support we have obtained from local sponsors and international exhibitors interested in reaching our regional audience,” he said ahead of the fourth edition of Bahrain’s largest open air exhibition.

According to organisers, the BBSI will be introducing for the first time in the region the “high quality Chinese boats developed by Oceanika whose competitive price offering will undoubtedly capture an important segment of the market”. The BBSI is seen as catering mainly for Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari and local market needs. “Today, our local partners are increasingly diverse as a result of the increased awareness of the importance of regional marina development for economic strength,” Juju said.