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Duterte tells UN and EU envoys to leave Philippines in 24 hours

Follows reports that Philippines might be slapped with possible sanctions

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Manila: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told envoys of the United Nations and the European Union to leave in 24 hours, after rights groups and European parliamentarians warned that the Philippines might be expelled from the UN, and slapped with possible sanctions due to the country’s bloody campaign against illegal drug trade.

“The ambassadors of those countries [who are saying these and who are] listening now. Tell me, because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours. All, all of you,” Duterte ranted in a very emotional speech at Malacanang, the presidential palace on Thursday.

“We will not allow anybody, not even the United States, to dictate on us. And I will tell it straight during the November [event, at the leaders’ summit of the] Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean in Manila),” Duterte said. US President Donald Trump is expected to attend the event.

“You want to expel us? You try. Your $1,000 will earn 1 million pesos from me if you can expel us from the UN,” warned Duterte, but didn’t mention who he was addressing.

“Do you think Russia and China will allow it? You’re like mad dogs. You think China and the rest of the [ten] countries in Asean will agree to that? Where will be the crucial vote that will come? The Security Council? And (do) you think Russia and China will allow that?” asked Duterte.

“You think we don’t know the Charter of the United Nations. You think we’re a bunch of morons here. You are the ones (who are morons),” said Duterte.

Sources said the UN has not threatened to remove the country from the 47-nation rights council or the 193-member world body.

A delegation of seven international parliamentarians, including Europeans, who came to Manila recently said that killings in the country’s campaign against illegal drug trade must stop.

Manila might miss trade perks from the European bloc if human rights protection falls short of international expectations, the parliamentarians warned.

The Human Rights Watch said earlier the Philippines might be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council if killings in the government’s campaign against illegal drug trade continue.

In July, EU lawmakers and 39 UN member-states also criticized Duterte’s anti-drug campaign.

In May, the Philippines declined 250 million euros (13.89 billion pesos) in fresh grants from EU.

Duterte warned that the Philippines has become a narco-state with the magnitude of its drug problem.