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The multi-SIM service from etisalat by e& and du allows customers to have one number for multiple mobile devices. Picture used for illurative purposes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Planning to buy another phone for work but don’t want to get a new mobile number? You can just apply for a ‘mutli-SIM’ service and use multiple SIM cards of the same phone number on different devices.

In the UAE, the multi-SIM service is offered by etisalat by e& and du and here is how you can apply for it.

How does multi-SIM work?

According to telecom operators in the UAE, you can get a multi-SIM service if you have a valid Emirates ID and an active mobile number.

This allows you to have a single mobile number active on separate devices at the same time. While the primary SIM will be the one on which you will receive the calls or text messages, you can make outgoing calls and send text messages on all the devices. The data, too, is shared across all the devices.

Can I change the primary SIM?

Etisalat by e& customers also have the option set their additional or cloned SIM card as their ‘active’ or ‘primary’ number through the ‘My Etisalat’ app, available for Apple and Android devices. You simply need to open the app and then click on 'Manage' next to your subscribed package. Next, tap on 'SIM cards' and select the SIM card that you wish to change to your primary SIM, and then choose the option 'Set as active SIM card'.

According to, customers cannot change your Primary SIM. If you are a new subscriber to the multi-SIM service, your primary SIM card will be the current SIM card being used for your postpaid plan.

How many SIM cards can be registered under the same number?

For etisalat by e& customers:
• Prepaid customers can keep up to two SIM cards with the same number.
• Post-paid customers can keep up to five SIM cards with the same number.

For du customers:
The multi-SIM service is only available for post-paid customers and they can register up to five SIM cards under the same number. For du customers, the service is not available for pre-paid numbers.

How to get multiple SIM cards in the UAE?

The process for obtaining more than one SIM card for your phone number is similar for both etisalalt by e& and du. To buy an additional SIM card for your phone number, you must visit an etisalat by e& Business Centre or du store. These are located all over the UAE and can be found in public places like shopping malls or business centres.

You can find a list of Etisalat by e& stores near you here:
You can find a list of du stores near you here:


For etisalat by e& customers: Dh25 per month plus five per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) for each cloned or additional SIM card.

For du customers: Dh20 (plus five per cent VAT) for each additional SIM and monthly fees of Dh25 (five percent VAT) per month for each additional SIM apart from main primary SIM.

For postpaid customers, the charges will be added to their bill and for prepaid customers, the charges will be deducted from their prepaid balance.

You can deactivate the service anytime by visiting any of the customer service centres of etisalat by e& and du.