Dubai traffic
Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: If you are planning to stop your car on a busy highway because you hear a strange noise coming out of your vehicle or have a busted tyre, you must avoid stopping in the middle of the road at all costs. Not only are you risking a multiple vehicle collision, but you also face a heavy fine, with six black points levied on your driving licence.

There are multiple examples of situations where motorists may be fined for stopping their cars, based on the UAE's federal traffic law - Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 on Rules and Procedures of Traffic Control. Here are the details

1. Stopping in the middle of the road without a justified reason

Fine: Dh1,000
Black points: Six

A stationary car in the middle of a road is a danger to you and others. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to stop your vehicle, make sure you safely veer it towards the right-most lane and find a bay or exit where your car will not be a road hazard.

On June 15, 2022, Abu Dhabi Police advised motorists to head to the nearest exit if they need to make an emergency stop and shared a few tips on what drivers should do if their car breaks down while driving:

  • Move off the road to the nearest designated emergency area. In cases of extreme necessity, use the right shoulder of the road to stop your vehicle.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • If you have a hazard sign with you, place it on the road at a sufficient distance from your stalled vehicle to warn other oncoming drivers. This is typically considered to be 60 metres behind your car.
  • Don't wait inside your car or next to it.
  • Call the Police to ask for assistance.

2. Stopping in the yellow box junction

Fine: Dh500

While you may have seen cars stopping the yellow junction at an intersection when the road ahead is not clear, but according to the UAE's federal traffic law, this traffic violation can lead to a Dh500 fine.

The yellow box warns drivers not to enter unless the exit is clear.

Blocking the yellow junction at traffic signal
Impeding traffic movement can land you with a fine. Image Credit: Twitter/@DubaiPoliceHQ


3. Stopping the vehicle in prohibited areas on the left shoulder of the road

Fine: Dh1,000

In 2017, Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists that drivers are prohibited from stopping at the hard shoulder on roads, and the area is specifically designated for traffic patrols and emergency vehicles.

4. Stopping the vehicle on pedestrian crossings

Fine: Dh500
Black points: Six

Police authorities in the UAE have routinely warned motorists to stop at pedestrian crossings to give way to people and have urged them to slow down when driving in residential and industrial areas.

Pedestrians are also warned to cross the roads from the designated areas only, and when the traffic light turns red.


5. Stopping a vehicle in a way that endangers pedestrians

Fine: Dh400

In the Federal Traffic Law, there are two clauses regarding illegally stopping a vehicle and endangering pedestrians:
A) Stopping a vehicle in a way that blocks the pedestrians' movement.
B) Stopping a vehicle in a way that exposes danger to pedestrians.

In September 2022, Abu Dhabi Police's Traffic and Patrols Directorate posted a video of drivers not giving priority or way to pedestrians. The video was from surveillance footage showing vehicles moving before a pedestrian safely reached the other side of the crossing.

Abu Dhabi Police stated that drivers must allow pedestrians to cross over safely and reduce the speed near zebra crossings. Whether in industrial areas, school areas, or residential neighbourhoods, pedestrians must be given priority for crossing at zebra crossings.