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Dubai Police's Al Ameen service recently raised awareness on how to identify and report counterfeit currency. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Stay informed! On Wednesday, February 14, Dubai Police's Al Ameen service, known for its secure and confidential call centre, shed light on identifying counterfeit currency and what to do if you do come across it. Here are the key signs to watch out for and the security features on the UAE banknote.

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How to spot counterfeit money – three key signs

1. Identify cash security details - like watermarks, security threads, and distinct serial numbers.

The first tip Al Ameen provides is to be aware of all the security features on the note, to be able to inspect the note.

For example, there is a security thread on the bank note, which is a thin ribbon that is threaded through the paper. The new UAE bank notes which came into circulation in 2021 and 2022, have magnetic ink thread showing the value of the banknote in both Arabic and English, according to UAE’s Central Bank. The banknotes also have serial numbers printed on them in both Arabic and English. Serial numbers in Arabic are printed vertically in red fluorescent colour on the left side. The serial numbers in English are printed horizontally in black magnetic ink on the front upper right side.


2. Inspect any cash you receive for security

The Al Ameen service also pointed out that you must feel the banknote's texture to ensure its authenticity. Old banknotes in the UAE use cotton paper, while the new notes are made from recycled polymer, which is more durable.

3. Use bank transfers

The authority also advised people to opt for bank transfers, instead of transacting in case, especially when it came to larger amounts of money.

What is Dubai Police’s Al Ameen service?
The Al Ameen service was launched in 2003, and their services provide safe, secure and confidential communication channels to citizens, residents and visitors.

According to Al Ameen, their representatives will keep your identity and personal details confidential to make sure you do not face any legal consequences.

How to report counterfeit currency

1. Get it verified - Take the suspected note to a bank specialist for confirmation. According to UAE’s Central Bank, local banks use counterfeit currency detection machines with ultraviolet (UV) lamps, to ensure the authenticity of the note.

2. Then, report it to Al Ameen: They will handle the investigation discreetly and promptly. Remember, your identity is always confidential!

How do I contact the Al Ameen service?

All these communication channels operate around the clock:

• Call centre – 800 4444
• International number - 971 800 4444
• WhatsApp - 971 54 800 4444
• SMS – 800 4444
• App – ‘Al Ameen’, which is available for Apple and Android devices.