While chanting with distracted mind will reveal nothing, a deep presence to the words and their meaning, will. Only when we are truly present, we connect Image Credit: Shutterstock

In continuation from last week, the learning obtained directly from the source which is the self-realised knowledge, opens doors of consciousness. This leads to self- transformation in the most natural manner.

Conversing with all life forms

As mentioned in the last column, a seed can reveal many aspects of itself when you connect with it, Just like seeds, you can ‘talk’ to trees, plant life, buildings, animals, fire, water, air, crystals, etc.

You can talk to your own body, your organs and cells. It is possible to connect and converse with every single creation of nature because all are alive, conscious, and can converse back intelligently.

While chanting with distracted mind will reveal nothing, a deep presence to the words and their meaning, will. Only when we are truly present, we connect. This is true in making a connection with the self as well because the same principle applies: engage fully, completely, deeply.

Be truly present

How can one live connected each day? Here’s the answer: the same way you unpack a gift. You are driven by the curiosity to unfold the mystery and you go for it, right? You go unpacking the gift with the highest excitement. Well, what if you already knew what the gift contained? That would ruin your surprise and enthusiasm.

When you approach a day of your life, the next day, a new day, go ahead and open it with the same level of excitement as if you were unfolding a gift. You don’t know what the day packs in or let’s say, what the day unfolds. This un-knowing also, is a gift, because a) it allows you to plan and script the day without fear or favour, as per your choice. b) It also teaches you the concept of surrender.

In a bid to connect positively, you can affirm, “This day is a gift. And I am going to live this day with curiosity and excitement. Nothing less.’ In approaching a new day with this attitude, see how the day reciprocates to you.

You may also say that an experience has turned out to be untoward. In that case, surrender to the higher workings of the nature. Your part would be: to extract the positive learning out of that experience and make that your gift.

Meditate, no more sleep-living

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In addition to enthusiasm-building, a deeper meaning and connection can be found in the practice of meditation. After all, all your experiences are significant and therefore a reflection is warranted.

This can be done when you sit with yourself. The benefit in doing so, and reflecting is that the essence of experiences gets unfolded and wisdom dawns. Use the reward of this wisdom to enrich the experiences of your life, of the next day and the next.

One can reflect on aspects as: Why did a/this situation occur? Is it making me feel good or not-so-good? What was my contribution in manifesting this good (or not-so-good) experience? What was my learning from this situation/ experience? What positives can I take from this day, today, the best day of my life? When you start unpacking a day in this manner, you will start receiving the gifts of realisation, which actually is, ‘waking up’ or is ‘awakening’. Simply put, step towards opening the doors of higher consciousness.

Most of us have excuses to not meditate/ reflect. Thus, life bypasses us, keeping the self in old regrets, narrow conditionings, complaints and narrow beliefs. These pain us. On the contrary, self-connection unwraps aspects that needs to be worked upon, thus offering chances for liberation.