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Mina Liccione. Image Credit: Supplied

UAE-based comedian Mina Liccione has been entertaining audiences in Dubai and abroad for years. Now, she’s set to return to New York City and is taking her signature Dubai Show with her.

She has been selected to perform her one woman show ‘Growing Up Ringside’ at the closing weekend of the KeyBank Rochester New York Fringe Festival. She will also get a chance to make people laugh at Frigid NYC’s Fall Season at The Kraine Theater in Manhattan.

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Mina Liccione. Image Credit: Supplied

‘Growing Up Ringside’ features Liccione’s untold stories as the daughter of Italian-American boxing promoter Tony Liccione. It “recounts her coming of age, her comedic mishaps and struggles to find her purpose in life, and continues up to the present day, including her move across the globe to Dubai to pioneer Dubomedy, home to the first comedy school and all-female stand-up troupe the Middle East,” read a statement.

Liccione and her comedian husband co-founded the comedy institute Dubomedy and recently performed at the annual Dubai Comedy Festival in May.

In a statement, Liccione says her ‘Growing Up Ringside’ show, which is directed by Al Sayed, was created to honour her father.

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“Like many others living abroad during the pandemic, I wasn’t able to visit my family for years. To battle homesickness I started video calling my parents everyday. We’d reminisce about my dad’s boxing days and funny stories from the neighbourhood. I realised many of those folks left us too soon and then my dad’s health wasn’t good. I had to write this show to honour him, my New York roots as well as my present life in Dubai, to connect these two worlds and help break negative stereotypes and build a better understanding on both sides of the cultural coin through art and laughter,” Liccione said.

‘Growing Up Ringside’ will be staged one last time in Dubai on September 18 at The Theater at MOE. It then heads to Rochester New York Fringe Festival on September 24-25 at The Theater at Innovation Square. From Rochester, the show move to New York City for two shows, September 28-29 at The Kraine Theater presented by Frigid NYC.

Tickets for the Dubai show are available online and start from Dh115.