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Blossoming affair

Can’t resist those sugar cravings? Grab a guilt-free bite of some of these pastry delights

Image Credit: Supplied
Blossom Sweets offers a wide selection of diabetes-friendly cakes and pastries
GN Focus

Sweet desires are not just imagined, they’re proven to be a quick fix to happiness. Whether creamy chocolate, frothy whipped cream, caramelised nuts or colourful fruit lollies, not many can resist taking a bite of goodness.

If you’re on the hunt for a place to give in to your guilt-free albeit sweet temptations (and we mean diabetics, too!), the Abu Dhabi-based Blossom Sweets takes the cake, quite literally! The trendy and customised fusion Middle Eastern gourmet dessert bakery, run by Emirati sisters Lamia Ahmad Al Hashly and Amna Ahmad Al Hashly since December last year, is fast gaining popularity for its unique cakes and sweets.

The bakery is offering a wide selection of delightful treats, gift hampers and other deals until January 5, 2013 to celebrate the festive season.

GN Focus samples some of Blossom Sweets’ diabetic-friendly pastries and cakes and here’s what we have to say.

Chocolate roulade

Soft and creamy, the chocolate roulade was predictably the first to vanish off the shelves. Shaped like a traditional log cake, the roulade is a great addition to any festive table. It was a bit too sweet!

Raspberry pistachio 
mini cake

This unusual combination was my favourite. With yummy raspberry jam on a soft base of delicately flavoured pistachio cake, it had just enough sweet to lift the raspberry jam, while not overwhelming the slightly nutty flavour 
of the pistachio.

Coffee caramel 
mini cake

The coffee adds a faint but surprise aftertaste to this delightful cake, working well together with the sticky caramel topping. This is an instant hit with coffee lovers, but sugar addicts would be happy to peel off the delicious caramel coating and chew on it slowly!

Low sugar choco muffin

A moist muffin that fills your senses with chocolate, it raises expectations but leaves you with a taste that says, “erm, something is amiss.” Sugar, of course. What’s a muffin that’s not sweet?


Blossom Sweets will provide free cake consultancy for to-be couples until January 31, 2013.