UAE Global Village 2021: Top 5 dishes seafood lovers must try in Dubai

UAE Global Village 2021: Top 5 dishes seafood lovers must try in Dubai

From Thai grilled mussels to Filipino style grilled octopus, there is something for all

Seafood lede
Dubai's Global Village 2021 is a must visit for all seafood lovers Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

Global Village has something for all kinds of foodies, and if you are especially fond of seafood, you’re in luck. From trendy and Instagrammable fried delicacies to Southeast Asian dishes with modern twists, here are some seafood dishes to try out at the theme park:

Black shrimps

Bored of trying out dynamite shrimps, battered shrimps and even noodle-wrapped shrimps? Well, these black shrimps at BLK will definitely get you excited. The fried shrimps are coated in black breadcrumbs made out of special flour, which the owners (cleverly) refuse to disclose more information about.

Must try foods at Global Village
Black shrimps at BLK Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

As it says in the name, the eatery tried to go with their theme of dark-coloured food and introduced these fried shrimps to Global Village visitors. The dish is served with a drizzle of tangy sauce and curly fries and it is great for sharing.

Price: One serving of shrimp with fries was priced at Dh35.

Lobster rolls

If you are going to have only one seafood dish at Global Village, make sure it's this. The combination of the saucy lobster meat, sandwiched between sweet brioche buns fried in butter, with lemon wedges to squeeze, and some more butter to drizzle on top, has become a favourite amongst visitors.

Must try foods at Global Village
Lobster roll - a crowd favourite Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

The popularity of the lobster roll is evident from the long queue in front of the stall at all times.

A visitor at Global Village, Abdul Aziz Al Awadhi, has been coming to Global Village multiple times since it opened this year. “Every time I come here, the first thing I do is grab a lobster roll,” he said.

Talking about the taste of the sandwich, he added: “I am a seafood lover and seafood needs to be fresh. It’s surprising that each time the lobster used in the roll is so fresh and tastes so good.”

Price: One lobster roll is priced at Dh37.

Grilled mussels

Whether it’s from a Turkish food stall or the floating market specialising in South Asian cuisine, a seafood lover cannot walk out of Global Village without trying a plate of mussels.

Must try foods at Global Village
Grilled mussels, a must try Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

We tried the Thai variety of grilled mussels served with different sauces. Whether you like a silky, lemony butter sauce, cheese topping or a kick of spicy Thai flavours, there’s a version for everyone. Served with lemon wedges and grilled right in front of you, this delicacy is bound to catch any seafood enthusiast’s eyes.

Must try foods at Global Village
Mussels in spicy Thai sauce at Global Village in Dubai Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

Price: A small plate with around five mussels in spicy Thai sauce is priced at Dh30, a large plate is for Dh70. A small plate of mussels baked with cheese on top is priced at Dh35.

Grilled octopus

This Filipino style street food can be found at Global Village’s floating market. Called the “Grilled Butterfly” because of the look of the small octopuses, which are skewered and grilled, the dish is inspired by Filipino flavours. The octopus is brushed with a sweet and sticky red glaze and grilled in front of people and served fresh.

Must try foods at Global Village
Grilled butterfly octopus from Philippines Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

The street food that is easy to eat on-the-go as it is served on a stick is a hit amongst sea food lovers and Filipinos flocking to the pavilion for a taste of home.

Price: One serving is priced at Dh20.

Seafood bucket

If you want to try out a number of deep-sea delicacies all in one dish, the Seafood Bucket will be your best choice. The dish features shrimps, mussels and calamari sauteed with boiled corn and vegetables with traditional Thai Tom Yum paste. The paste, which combines herbs, oil, shrimp paste, and spices, is usually used as a base for Tom Yum soup and at Global Village, it has found it’s place in this dish.

The Seafood Bucket is served with rice on the side and an extra spicy sauce.

Must try foods at Global Village
Seafood Bucket, a buffet in a plate, at Dubai's Global Village 2021 Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News photographer

“It’s a very popular dish as people can try out different types of seafood in one go. We give gloves to people to try out this dish as it’s supposed to be eaten by hand, as we do in Thailand,” said Hasaya Sawangdee, a staff member at the floating market pavilion who has flown in from Thailand to participate.

Price: One serving of the Seafood Bucket is priced at Dh35.

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