Our food picks for Pakistan Independence Day: Recipes and guides that will give you a taste of the country's cuisine

Our food picks for Pakistan Independence Day: Recipes and guides that will give you a taste of the country's cuisine

Chicken karahi, Lahori fish and more... try out these recipes today, August 14

Lahori fish
Lahori fish Image Credit: Gulf News/Stefan Lindeque

No festivity is complete at a Pakistani household without meaty gravies, spicy kebabs and rich rice dishes. This Pakistan Independence Day, the Gulf News Food Team is bringing you a list of recipes and guides that you need to try out to have an authentic Pakistani-style culinary experience.

This list of Pakistani dishes will give you the taste of different parts of the South Asian country, varying in cooking styles, culinary heritage and spice levels. Here are my picks…

Guide to making a flaky, Pakistani-style paratha and a potato filled version

Here’s how to start your day like a true Pakistani. This flakey paratha guide will fulfil your taste buds right in the morning. Try out the potato filled version for a hearty meal and virtually transport into Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province’s farmlands.

Lachedaar, or flaky, paratha
Lachedaar, or flaky, paratha Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/Gulf News.

Pakistani-style Kurkuri Bhindi or crispy ladies' fingers

If you are looking for a crispy snack or an appetiser to impress your dinner guests, this kurkuri (crispy) bhindi (ladies fingers) is the dish for you. While Pakistani cuisine is known to be meat heavy, this vegetarian option is equally as satisfying as any meat-based starter.

Kurkuri bhindi
Pakistani-style Kurkuri bhindi Image Credit: Gulf News/Stefan Lindeque

Memon-style khausa

Would you believe it if I said noodles and coconut milk are the base of this quintessential Pakistani dish? Khausa, which finds its roots in the Burmese dish Khao Suey, is a favourite from the Memon community of South Asia. This spicy, soupy dish often topped with crispy fried dough or even readymade potato chips, ticks all the boxes in terms of taste and texture.

Double-decker bun kebab ghee roast boti

Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Karachi with this street food favourite - bun kebab. If the mighty bun kebab wasn’t enough on its own, this recipe features a double patty recipe.

Double decker bun kebab ghee roast boti
Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

How to make Lahore's famous fried fish

Moving northeast from Karachi, experience Lahore’s Fort Road Food Street, which is famous for its delicacies. This crispy, battered fish is a symbol of Lahori cuisine. A chef from the ancient city shared her recipe with Gulf News Food section's readers to give them a taste of her home.

Lahori fish
Lahori fish Image Credit: Gulf News/ Stefan Lindeque

Here's how to make Pakistani Sajji

Here’s something for every meat lovers’ delight. This lamb dish comes from Pakistan’s south-western province of Balochistan and highlights the diversity in Pakistani cuisine. This aromatic, meaty dish is typically made on large skewers in a tandoor oven, here’s a version that can be easily made in your home kitchen.

Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Recipe for Pakistani-style chicken karahi

There’s nothing more blissful to a hungry person than the first bite of sizzling chicken karahi with hot naan (flatbread). Whether it’s at your favourite Pakistani restaurant or at a Friday night dinner at home, karahi is eaten at all occasions. Here’s a recipe you can recreate at home…

Chicken karahi
Chicken karahi Image Credit: Gulf News/Stefan Lindeque

If you try out any of these recipes and guides, do give us feedback, email us on food@gulfnews.com

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