Experience a different dining experience at 'Thy Yard' in Oman

Experience a different dining experience at 'Thy Yard' in Oman

From a range of dining options to live shows and more, this is the first of its kind

Eat in a container while you visit Oman’s 'Thy Yard' Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: When Oman’s one and only 'container park' started earlier this year in the capital, Muscat, it attracted a lot of attention. Thy Yard, as it is called, offers a cosy yet informal food court experience, and is unique in its look and feel.

Thy Yard is an innovative concept in Oman, which uses a set of containers that are customised to be used as restaurants and cafés, with each container offering a different theme to attract different cuisines. Set in a juxtaposed style that creates a small central courtyard laid out to bring about a casual feel, Thy Yard hosts live shows of stand-up comedians and other themed evenings and campaigns.

New outdoor eating concept

Set up by Wasan Bader Al Malki, Thy Yard presents itself as a unique dining experience Image Credit: Supplied
Wasan Bader Al Malki

The young Omani owner of the business, Wasan Bader Al Malki, wanted to bring out a different concept for outdoor eating - a place that seamlessly combined food with other fun activities. Her idea was welcomed wholeheartedly by her family, especially her husband, who is now her business partner.

“Although we started this business smack in the middle of the pandemic, we have no regrets. Oman has space for novel ideas and first-time concepts, with proper marketing that have proven to be successful across the world over. COVID-19 did impact our business... it affected our events. We had introduced stand-up comedy shows and it was proving to be popular with the right amount of casual ambience and audience.”

Omani woman shines beacon in F&B industry

Wasan works as an HR specialist in the electricity sector and has two kids, making her a full-time working mum. “But I have always been very passionate about business and wanted to own one, even though I majored in Supply Chain and Purchasing at Greenwich University, in UK. With the right backup, a woman can manage multiple roles....”

The concept of Thy Yard, is to showcase the simplicity in setting up a restaurant Image Credit: Supplied

The concept of Thy Yard, apart from being innovative also brings the element of simplicity in setting up a restaurant. “The shops are already fixed and has all the necessary items to be used for as kitchen. The client has to only fix and fit in their equipment into the unit. Each container has seating area and a storage area. We also offer space as small kiosks for small business or home business to support them in promoting and selling the products or service. "

Turning adversity into opportunity

COVID-19 convenient: Order in from your car or at your tables by scanning a QR code Image Credit: Supplied

While COVID-19 brought about inconveniences, it didn't stop the promoters of Thy Yard to grow, bring in new restaurants, or even implement new trends. “We introduced during this time the new system of QR code where people can easily order from their cars or tables.”

They also improvised the central seating area with shades and cooling system for the summer days that stood them in good stead when the businesses resumed. “In any business there are always risks. As long as it doesn’t stop you from coming out of it stronger, it is fine.”

Wasan and her team are optimistic about the coming days of good weather months, and especially with the pandemic on its way out. “We can now plan events such as live music, open mic, outdoor nights, market fair and more. In all our events we try to create a vibe for our customers in a way that they won’t feel like leaving.”

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