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The scandalous revelations made by actress and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sana Khaan against boyfriend — famed choreographer and YouTuber Melvin Louis — have grabbed headlines following a series of explosive posts by both parties.

Khaan has accused Louis of being a ‘compulsive cheater’ and having ‘multiple’ affairs during their tumultuous relationship.

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In an Instagram post, Khaan further spoke of the turmoil she has faced over the past year.

“It has taken a lot of courage from me to come out in speak the truth. Coz there were so many people who believed in this relation and showed so much love and respect but unfortunately I didn’t get it from where I should have gotten. This man is dirt and he is disgusting unfortunately it took me a year to find out coz I believed in him blindly [sic],” Khaan wrote in the post.

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Sana Khaan Image Credit: Instagram

She further stated: “He is a compulsive cheater n a compulsive liar n this is his regular thing to do with everyone for his fame n popularity. This is the original content with no fabrication but be ready for the covers on this [referring to the cover videos Louis posts often on YouTube].”

Khaan further alleged that Louis had been cheating on her with multiple girls since May, one of whom was known to the actress as well.

“Upbringing matters a lot. He wanted to marry me and have babies what would he teach my son n daughter?” Khaan added.

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In retaliation to Khaan’s revelations, Louis also took to Instagram to post a tongue-in-cheek reply, wearing a tank top with the message: ‘Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi’, translating to, Even When She Calls Out, Don’t Go There.

He captioned the post “For the win,” while adding a video showing him spin a yarn.

Louis’ YouTube channel commands 3.61 million subscribers, with his choreography on popular Bollywood dancer numbers drawing millions of viewers. In the past, Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi, Zareen Khan and actor Varun Dhawan have also featured.