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“I took up the film when I learnt that I was sharing screen with a legend on my Hindi cinema debut,” said South Indina star Vedhika, talking about her role in ‘The Body’, which featured Rishi Kapoor in his final film.

“I was both excited and nervous on the first day. My shot was with him. I found him warm, welcoming and friendly. In one take we got the scene right. It was a great start. While shooting in Mauritius we lunched together. One day he took us all out to a Chinese restaurant-his treat. He was a thorough professional. He suggested changes if he did not find the lines right and real. We bonded over food — both of us loved Chinese.”

Vedhika is not happy that people have been circulating videos of Rishi Kapoor on a ventilator, probably taken by someone from the hospital.

“Spreading videos of celebrities in fragile moments is a breach of privacy. It is very insensitive,” she said.