Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Image Credit: insta/ dualipa

In a rather unexpected event, cricketers Shubman Gill, KL Rahul and Kane Williamson engaged in a candid conversation with global pop icon Dua Lipa ahead of their semi-final clash. 

Speaking with the singer before the match started, K L Rahul asked Dua Lipa about her favourite jersey number, while Shubham Gill asked her what song would she pick if she were to perform at a cricket match.

KL told her: “Jersey numbers are really important to us players. So my jersey number is one because I feel I must be number one at whatever I do, and win.”

Liking KL’s reasoning, she said: “I really like that. KL, if I had to pick a number then I’d say 22. It is my lucky number.”

Shubman Gill however threw a curveball, asking Dua which song from her catalogue would she perform, if she were to perform at both the beginning and the end of ICC World Cup 2023 closing ceremony.

Taken somewhat aback by this question, Dua nonetheless answered by saying: “I think because it is a sporting event, I’d have to go with ‘Physical’ because it is only fitting. And then ‘One Kiss’ always seems to go well at matches. Then there are also some of my new songs.”

She was also asked about her favourite song by Kane Williamson. In response, she said: “I think it really changes, night after night. Obviously ‘Levitating’, and ‘Don’t Start Now’, and ‘Physical’ are songs that are a lot of fun performing. But then I’d say that my favourites from my last tour have to be ‘Pretty Please’, and ‘Love Again’. Those were really fun ones.”

Currently Dua's latest track 'Houdini', which is a disco-inspired sound and features several iconic dance moves has now gone viral on the net. Following its success, this track has now become a ‘global chartbuster’, and it was able to garner 27 million views in just five days.

The World Cup airs on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar.