Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox
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If you aren’t getting tattoos with your partner mid-interview with a global publication, are you even a real rockstar couple?

Actress Megan Fox and singer Machine Gun Kelly certainly are, as evidenced in their new, eye-opening interview with British GQ — accompanied by some daring pictures.

The interview starts off with journalist Molly Lambert assisting with a phone light as actress Fox inks her boyfriend with a matching tattoo that reads ‘The darkest fairytale’.

In the interview, the ‘Jennifer’s Body’ star says she wasn’t expecting to find love when she did.

Kelly, 31, and Fox, 35, have been dating since around June 2020, the news of which broke soon after the duo got people talking thanks to their racy music video for Kelly’s song ‘Bloody Valentine’. This all took place soon after Fox’s split from ex-husband Brian Austin Green, with whom she shares three sons. (Kelly has a daughter from a previous relationship.)

“[I was] definitely open [to] love, but I did not anticipate walking right into my soulmate like that,” Fox said about their relatively new relationship. “I was obviously over the way I had been living, and those paths lined up, those doors opened. It was [as if] all the obstacles that had kept us apart all those years [had been removed] and we were able to finally intersect.”

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For his part, MGK — real name Colson Baker — says Fox has helped him cope with childhood trauma and has even boosted his creativity.

“It’s almost like she reconnected a wire in my brain. Creativity won’t stop coming out,” the singer said.

However, he says their relationship isn’t all fun and games, and has an intense side. The famous couple, who love to indulge in PDA, once made news when Kelly said he wore Fox’s blood around his neck.

“It’s ecstasy and agony for sure... I don’t want people to think anything’s perfect with us,” Kelly said. “I didn’t say it was the darkest fairy tale for no reason.”