V of BTS surprises fans with live band session.
V of BTS surprises fans with live band session. Image Credit: BangtanTV/YouTube

On September 21, K-pop idol V (Kim Taehyung) of South Korean boy band BTS, treated fans to a fun live band session for his recent album.

He surprised fans with two videos on the YouTube channel BangtanTV, in which he performed the songs 'Love Me Again' and 'Slow Dancing' from his recent solo album, 'Layover’.

The session featured the same band that played with Taehyung during his performance for the 'Tiny Desk Korea’ online concert.

Tiny Desk Korea is the first international iteration of the famed online series Tiny Desk Concerts, a live music series hosted by NPR in Washington.

The band had V on vocals, and musicians Blake Straus on the guitar, Brett White on the keys, Pete Jonas playing the bass, Destin Johnson on the drums, Jacob Scesney on the saxophone and flute, Iyanu Anderson and Trudi Henderson for chorus, with Vinnie Ferra as the bandmaster.

In the videos, Taehyung and the band were seen thoroughly enjoying themselves as they jammed together.

Fans took to social media to compliment V on his voice and saying it perfectly complemented the traditional instruments. Many said his voice was soothing to hear.

YouTube user @sooson4602 commented: “V's lovely and soulful deep voice in this intimate jam session is perfection! Thank you, V…”

Fan @PNicoleE posted: “Taehyungie! I am so happy seeing you happy like this. The joy on your face makes all your performances more beautiful to watch – paired with your wonderful voice and amazing band.”

And, @nataliakay commented: “Oh man... V should do more band sessions like this. And the band deserves all the credit they can get for delivering this performance for V.”

Much to Armys’ (BTS fans) excitement, in the 'Slow Dancing' video, towards the end, a clip shows Taehyung playing the saxophone.

Fans are aware that he used to play the instrument during his school days, and many were excited to see him showcase his skills for the first time in years.