Zoom call investigating strange noise from the attic goes viral
Zoom call investigating strange noise from the attic goes viral Image Credit: Twitter

A Zoom call between UK-based film director Rob Savage and his friends went viral this week.

On April 21 @DirRobSavage posted: “I’ve been hearing strange noises from my attic, so I called a few friends and went to investigate…”

The video went viral and millions of people have seen it.

In the video Savage claimed to be hearing “footsteps” from above his room. Under the pretext of satisfying his friends’ curiosity about the strange noises, Savage carried the camera up to his attic to investigate.

The video shows the filmmaker using a ladder to go up his attic and shining a flashlight around. A few tense minutes later, there is a jump scare, and Savage is seen lying on the ground, pretending to be dead.

In the end, one of them looks delighted and says: “That’s incredible! How did you do that?”

It’s unclear whether the whole video is actually a prank or not.

Apparently, before trying the prank on his friends, Savage tried it in his girlfriend.

Savage's 2015 movie, Unfriended, takes place entirely over a Skype call among a group of increasingly fewer friends as a disturbed digital spirit begins picking them off one by one.

Unsuspecting Twitter users who watched the clip loved the short horror movie.

Tweep @BeccaWrightCDG replied: “I screamed and my daughter and husband are now very cross with me for scaring them."

And, @EClaireEvans posted: “I had a sneaking suspicion as to where this was going and still screamed so loud I scared the kid and made the dog run away. So, thanks for that, I guess.”