Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Image Credit: Instagram/MalaikaArora

Bollywood model Malaika Arora loves to eat healthy and is hoping to inspire others to do the same with her delivery-only restaurant called Nude Bowls, that will operate across several cities in India. She claims all the dishes on her menu will focus on clean eating and nutritious ingredients.

“No more secrets. I have been building something that is going to be exciting for both, you and I. Get ready to eat the most delicious & wholesome meals with me! So, NUDE BOWLS, it is! N = Nutritious U = Undisguised D = Delicious E= Eats Are you excited?” wrote Arora as she launched her catering app.

According to her social media posts, Arora was involved heavily from the conceptualising stage itself.

“I enjoyed these endless discussions. Planning the menu, choosing bowls over plates, opting for organic packaging, and so much more! Now when I look back, it all seems fruitful. I wanted to build a food brand that you and I can enjoy without any doubts, especially about the contents. NUDE Bowls. This is Real and Honest,” claimed Arora.

Her menu includes dishes such herb-crusted grilled chicken bowl with barbecue sauce, Lebanese falafel bowl with pita, and home style dal makhani rice bowl.

Apart from her business ventures, the Pilates-loving celebrity is also entering a new phase in her personal life. Her son Arhaan Khan is off to study further and she was seen dropping him off at the Mumbai airport on August 17. Her empty nester phase awaits her now.

“As we both embark on a new and unchartered journey, one filled with nervousness, fear, excitement, distance, new experiences ... All I know is that I am super-duper proud of my Arhaan. This is your time to spread your wings and fly and soar and live all your dreams ... Miss you already,” wrote Arora.