Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut Image Credit: Instagram/team_kangana_ranaut

Kangana Ranaut opposed the proposal given by actor-politician Kamal Haasan to recognise homemakers and constitute their work at home as a salaried profession.

Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan Image Credit: AFP

The actress said this will be like reducing a home owner to an employee and trying to pay a higher being for his creation.

“... We don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home, stop seeing everything as business. Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary,” Ranaut stated while quote tweeting Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s who lauded Haasan’s plan.

Ranaut continued her digital protest, writing: “How can one compensate for the lack of love/respect for home makers by giving them money? What if the oppressor snatches it and becomes more overpowering? People who treat their mothers or wives like house maids need value system and conscience....”

Haasan has yet to respond to Ranaut.