Karan Johar
Karan Johar Image Credit: Instagram/karanjohar

Filmmaker Karan Johar has “apologised profusely” after he was hit hard by a post showing the privilege celebrities have.

Johar took to Twitter, where he shared a video titled “Thank You Celebrities”, which shows celebrities including popular names like Ellen DeGeneres, Sam Arnitage and Amanda Keller among many others, who have been treating quarantine like a vacation from their sprawling mansions by “common” people who are struggling during the pandemic.

“This hit me hard and I have realised many of my posts may have been insensitive to many...I apologise profusely and wish to add none of it was intentional and came from a place of sharing but clearly may have lacked emotional foresight ... am sorry!” Johar wrote alongside the video.

The Bollywood director has constantly been entertaining his fans and followers amid lockdown. The videos feature his twins — Roohi and Yash poking fun at him.

However, social media users came in support of Johar’s videos.

One wrote: “Ur kids are Angels in this hard time. me and my daughter s are waiting for Yash Roohi videos. [sic]”

Another questioned as to why the filmmaker is apologising.

“Why are you apologising. Your videos are harmless with your kids. You are bringing joy to people like us and I am a health care worker in Chicago saying that. You aren’t one of the celebrities showing off, so please don’t apologise and keep posting and sharing joy,” the user wrote.

A third user said: “Wish to thank your kids for bringing smiles to me as well my family. Please don’t apologise. And don’t stop posting, we look forward to them.”

A social media user lauded Johar’s “sensitive side.”

“Sorry bolne ke liye bohoth himmat chaheye (It takes a lot of strength to apologise. I have no idea what you apologising for, lekin it feels good to know your sensitive side (It feels good to know your sensitive side),” the user said.