Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Image Credit: ANI

Four-time National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut is over the moon with the response her latest movie ‘Thalaivii’ is getting. She credits her team for the success and says that she is much more popular now than she has ever been.

Ever since the movie was released on a streaming portal, the film has been trending and this gives a sense of reassurance to Ranaut.

Talking to IANS, Ranaut said: “I do my own thing and I am in my own place. Most actresses are very popular for starring with popular heroes. That’s how actresses have always been. But I have my own light.”

Kangana Ranaut in 'Thalaivii'
Kangana Ranaut in 'Thalaivii' Image Credit: Supplied

She added: “I don’t borrow someone’s else’s light. So, you know, that is a good place to be in. Definitely, I am much more popular now than I have ever been. It is true that right now is the best time of my career. I won’t deny that.”

Ranaut is happy despite the film being pitted against international content, ‘Thalaivii’, which is based on the life of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and former actress J Jayalalithaa, did well.

The film showcases the varied aspects of Jayalalithaa’s life, tracing her journey as an actress at a young age to becoming the face of Tamil cinema, as well as the rise of the revolutionary leader who changed the course of the state’s politics.

“The film was pitted against a lot of international content. We always made a film that was a quintessential underdog story but we never thought it would be pitted against ‘Squid Game’ and these very popular series which had a huge anticipation.”

She added: “All these things have made us feel that eventually even on streaming people who watch high end content and are used to international content essentially they also love the film. It is very reassuring.”

Ranaut credits “good writing, direction and the fact that everybody was such a good actor in the film.”

“It helped a lot.”

She talked about her favourite performance in the film.

“To be honest Raja Arjun sir’s performance is my favourite performance in the film. He’s so good. He brought a lot of empathy and sensitivity to a negative character. So every actor was so good. Even Arvind Swamy sir brought a lot of emotional content and gripping narrative to the film.”