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For over 13 years, the Virtuzone brand has been synonymous with entrepreneurship, with the company becoming the go-to expert for those who want to start a business in the UAE.

While Virtuzone has continued to solidify its position as the UAE’s leading company formation specialist, it has set its sights on claiming a new title – the country’s leading corporate services provider.

Since its founding more than a decade ago, Virtuzone has sought to provide a complete spectrum of business support services to assist and empower entrepreneurs and businesses beyond the set-up stage.

This year, the Dubai-based company is redefining its growth strategy to place corporate services into the heart of its operations and to focus on the customer’s journey towards growth beyond the set-up phase.

Addressing client pain points with targeted solutions

The driving force behind Virtuzone’s push for corporate services is its commitment to provide solutions for each pain point that clients experience throughout their entrepreneurial journey. For example, with the upcoming corporate tax in 2023, companies may struggle managing their accounting and preparing their books for when the new tax policy comes into effect. Virtuzone can assist its clients – and other businesses not registered with them – through its comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Another hurdle that a large number of entrepreneurs face, especially new business owners, is the bank account opening process. Many new entrepreneurs have a very challenging time trying to open a corporate bank account, with the process often taking several weeks to months. Virtuzone’s bank account opening support removes that problem for its clients and significantly cuts down the process and time frame to only a few weeks.

Filing the Economic Substance Regulations Notification and Report and registering Ultimate Beneficial Owners are among the top two business compliance regulations that companies must adhere to – and also the major challenges that they face. Virtuzone’s dedicated team of in-house experts will guide and support clients in ensuring their businesses are compliant with the UAE’s unique business regulations.

With Virtuzone by their side, our clients can benefit from expert advice and assistance that will help them make sure they fulfil these compliance requirements correctly and on time, allowing them to avoid hefty fines that can go up to Dh50,000.

Investors and entrepreneurs who want to secure the UAE Golden Visa can also count on Virtuzone’s visa specialists to guide them throughout the process, from assessing their eligibility to preparing and submitting the required documents.

Corporate services that are designed for entrepreneurial success

Virtuzone’s entire suite of corporate services is designed to enable their clients to scale and achieve exponential growth at a faster pace. While Virtuzone takes care of the often mundane day-to-day tasks behind the scenes, their clients can focus on the bigger things.