Peter Maerevoet, CEO Asia Tradewind Finance Image Credit: Supplied

In 2021, Germany and the UAE reportedly posted $9.5 billion worth of non-oil bilateral trade, up more than 10 per cent from the year before. Additionally, over 1,000 German enterprises currently operate in the UAE, a nod to the strong economic ties between these two countries.

Both nations are also mutually invested in addressing climate concerns. Last year, they signed an energy security and industry accelerator (ESIA) agreement to prioritise climate action, decarbonisation, and renewable energy opportunities.

“As a German trade finance company with offices around the world, including one located in DIFC, Dubai, Tradewind is doing its part to echo the collaborative spirit between Germany and the Gulf state. Like the two countries, the firm is focused on facilitating cross-border trade and advancing sustainability goals,” says Peter Maerevoet, CEO Asia, Tradewind Finance.

Up to 90 per cent of global trade depends on trade finance. “Tradewind’s qualified multinational teams provide this type of service for its customers across a range of industries. These financial solutions both increase liquidity and reduce trade risk for businesses, helping them to maximise growth in new and existing markets,” says Maerevoet.

In the sustainability space, Tradewind continues to extend responsible funding for companies that prioritise people and the planet in their core structures. This year, the firm delivered a Euro18 million credit facility to a silicon metal producer that is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the industry. It also invested in a renewable solar power project that ensures energy security for the community it serves.

“Accelerating cash flow for importers and exporters is at the core of what Tradewind does. Backed by the resources and entrepreneurial ethos of this German firm, UAE businesses and others across the globe can pursue expansion, drive sustainability, and contribute not only to local economies but larger globalisation efforts,” says Maerevoet.