Dubai Tourist Camp
Dubai Tourist Camp Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Guidelines will soon be issued for Dubai's tourist camps, whereby they will come under different categories depending on the type and package of services provided to guests.

Each category will have its own criteria, as well as minimum services that tour companies must meet or provide in order to obtain a permit from Dubai Tourism to operate the holiday facility. All services must be clearly communicated to the guests while Dubai Tourism can change the category of the camp based on the services provided by the operator. 

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Dubai Tourism has provided insights on numerous areas including permit renewals and fee waivers, as well as additional information on camp activities, facilities and services and ways of increasing the size of existing camps. Under the new regulations, tour operators will be allowed to provide overnight stays - as part of the package of services offered to the camp guests, which also includes dining experiences, recreational and entertainment activities.

What's a 'tourist camp'?
Any permanent or temporary site approved by Dubai Tourism and developed by a tour operator in a desert, mountain, valley or nature reserve or any other location for the purpose of providing tourism services and offerings to both residents and visitors.