The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi Launches New Guidelines for Bazaars and Consumer Fairs 3 photo:organiser


Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) launched a new manual to streamline the process of organising consumer fairs and exhibitions in the emirate.

DCT said in a statement on Wednesday that it aims to encourage entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses to bring their consumer events to Abu Dhabi and for organisers of existing events to improve their offerings.

The manual, available on DCT’s corporate website, covers exhibitions and events open to the public where products are sold, and outlines practices to improve the experience for visitors. It includes details on the standards and procedures required at events, and working with DCT’s events licensing system to obtain licenses for events in Abu Dhabi.

“The aim is to boost incoming events, and to significantly improve the events that we already have established in the emirate. As enhanced experience for visitors to these events will cascade into a boost for the destination’s reputation,” said Nasser Al Rayami, director of the Licence and Regulatory Compliance Department at DCT.

“This new manual lays out DCT Abu Dhabi’s recommended procedures for organising and presenting consumer fairs and exhibitions, and will work in concert with out event licensing system.”

Al Rayami said DCT hopes the manual will act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs with an interest in hosting events in Abu Dhabi.

The event licensing system is integrated with five government agencies whose approval is required for all event types, and 17 other entities to which the event is present according to the event type.

It lists all venues in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra with details of their capacity, and provides an agenda for events’ dates and location to allow organisers to pick a venue where there is no duplication with similar events.